C-myc mRNA Expression in Epithelial Ovarian Carcinomas in Relation to Estrogen Receptor Status, Metastatic Spread, Survival Time, FIGO Stage, and Histologie Grade and Type

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SummaryRecently, it has been suggested that c-myc expression might correlate with estrogen receptor (ER) status and metastatic spread in ovarian cancer. In this study, expression of c-myc mRNA in 90 epithelial ovarian carcinomas was determined using the SI nuclease protection assay. Expression of c-myc mRNA was detectable in 27 of 90 tumors. There was no significant association between c-myc mRNA expression and metastatic spread, survival time, FIGO stage, or histologie grade and type. C-myc mRNA was expressed in 45% of ER-positive tumors but only 24% of ER-negative tumors (p = 0.094; Fisher's exact test). Similarly, 44% of progesterone receptor (PR)-positive and 23% of PR-negative tumors expressed c-myc mRNA (p = 0.098). However, the association between c-myc mRNA expression and ER and PR status was not statistically significant. The ratio of mean expression of c-myc mRNA in patients with FIGO stages III/IV compared with patients with FIGO stages I/II was 2.1:1, an insignificant difference (p = 0.57, Wilcoxon rank sum test). In conclusion, c-myc was not significantly associated with the clinical parameters investigated in this study.

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