Mucin Expression in Nonneoplastic and Neoplastic Glandular Epithelia of the Uterine Cervix

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Summary:Although it is well known that the uterine cervix contains mucin-producing glandular epithelium, only a few studies have described the changes in mucin that accompany malignant transformation. In this study the authors evaluated the characteristics of mucin expression in the normal endocervical epithelium and mucinous and endometrioid adenocarcinomas of the uterine cervix. The normal endocervical epithelium was characterized by predominant sulfomucin and MUC1 expression in all sites and MUC5AC expression in the surface epithelium, while MUC2 was not detected at all and pyloric gland type mucin (using antibody HIK1083) was detected in less than 1% of cases. Cervical adenocarcinomas, especially mucinous adenocarcinomas, showed marked variability in mucin expression that included mucins of pyloric gland and intestinal type.

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