Ligneous Cervicitis in a Woman With Plasminogen Deficiency Associated With an Atypical Form of Microglandular Hyperplasia: A Case Report and Review of Literature

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A 19-yr-old woman with previously diagnosed clear cell adenocarcinoma was referred to the Charité for further treatment. Biopsies were taken from the cervix, the endometrium, pseudomembranes in the peritoneum, and sentinel lymph nodes. The morphologic picture of pseudomembranes and inflammation together with the provided information about plasminogen deficiency of the patients led to the hypothesis of ligneous cervicitis. The previously taken biopsies of the adenocarcinoma were reevaluated and showed a clear cell lesion. Further immunohistochemical examination with antibodies against p16, Ki67, CEA, and p53 could not prove its malignant character. As a result we diagnosed an atypical form of microglandular hyperplasia in a patient with ligneous cervicitis. Ligneous cervicitis is a rare inflammatory condition that might affect all mucus membranes in patients with plasminogen deficiency. This case shows the importance of correlating pathologic and clinical findings in the diagnosis of ligneous cervicitis because of the rarity of the disease and the heterogeneity at presentation.

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