Microscopic Dysgerminoma Associated With Anti-Ma2 Paraneoplastic Encephalitis in a Patient With Gonadal Dysgenesis

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We present a 27-yr-old female with gonadal dysgenesis (46, XY), who presented to our hospital with poor consciousness, aphasia, restlessness, and visual hallucination. Physical examination revealed normal breast development and normal external female genetalia. Computed tomography scan of the head and neck revealed the presence of brain edema, hydrocephalous, and a localized hypodense lesion in the hypothalamus. Her serum was positive for the anti-Ma2, which is associated with paraneoplastic encephalitis syndrome. Computed tomography of the abdomen revealed the presence of a 7.5×5.3×3.0 cm solid pelvic mass. Interestingly, a single microscopic focus of dysgerminoma was identified in a background of stromal fibrosis and focal dystrophic calcifications. No ovarian stroma or testicular tissue was identified. To our knowledge, this is the first case of gonadal dysgenesis presenting with anti-Ma2 paraneoplastic encephalitis with dysgerminoma. A discussion about paraneoplastic encephalitis with a microscopic dysgerminoma associated with anti-Ma2 antibody is presented.

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