Intra-operative fluorescent cholangiography using indocyanin green during robotic single site cholecystectomy

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Background and study aimsVery recently, robotic single site cholecystectomy (RSSC) has been reported feasible and safe for selected cases. While an intra-operative cholangiography can be performed, data is scarce with respect to its use. Indocyanin green (ICG) has been shown to be a viable option to visualize biliary anatomy. Since the introduction of a new near infrared camera integrated to the da Vinci Si System (Intuitive Surgical, Sunnyvale, CA), the surgeon is able to assess the biliary anatomy by a non-invasive and non-ionizing method. This paper presents the first report of ICG imaging during a RSSC.Patients and MethodsTwelve consecutive patients presenting symptomatic cholelithiasis were prospectively enrolled. They underwent RSSC approximately 45 minutes after intravenous administration of ICG (2.5 mg). The biliary anatomy was analyzed using a near infrared camera integrated to the robot before and after the robotic dissection.ResultsEight women and four men underwent the procedure. There was a port addition in one case and no peri-operative complications. Mean operative time was 85 minutes (range: 57–125). The cystic, common bile and common hepatic ducts were recognized by fluorescence imaging before the dissection in 91.7%, 50%, and 33.3% of patients, respectively. At least one structure was visualized in 100% of patients. After the completion of Calot's triangle dissection, the cystic, common bile, and common hepatic ducts were recognized in 100%, 83.3%, and 66.7% of cases respectively.ConclusionsRSSC using ICG for biliary tree fluorescence imaging can be performed safely. Fluorescent cholangiography enabled real-time identification of the extra-hepatic biliary anatomy using a near infrared camera integrated to the robot. Its routine clinical use merits further investigations. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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