Patients with pressure ulcers in Finnish hospitals

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The purpose of this descriptive study was to produce knowledge of the degree of pressure ulcers, pressure ulcer patients' physical and psychological well-being and the association of these factors with pressure ulcers' severity. These patients were treated in Finland's capital area hospitals. The pressure ulcer patients' sampling was gathered during 1 day with two questionnaires, which was completed by nurses. The response rate was 94%, and data analysis was based on percentage distributions. Statistical association was tested with the χ2 test. The measurement identified 164 patients with a total of 257 pressure ulcers. Prevalence was 6.4%. Most of the ulcers (40%) were grade II ulcers. Fifty-six per cent of patients suffered poor general health, 63% of the patients were immobile, but psychological well-being was better with 29% of pressure ulcer patients being adequately motivated to follow treatment for their pressure ulcers. It is essential to identify high-risk patients in order to provide optimal care.

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