The perceived needs of Jordanian families of hospitalized, critically ill patients

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The purpose of this study was to identify needs of Jordanian families of hospitalized, critically ill patients. The Critical Care Family Needs Inventory was introduced to 158 family members who were visiting their hospitalized, critically ill relatives. The findings revealed that ≥ 80% of the family members perceived 16 need statements as important or very important. The participants ranked order needs for assurance, information and proximity the highest and needs for support and comfort the lowest. Specifically, the most important needs of the families were to receive information about the patients, to feel that the hospital personnel care about the patients and to have the information given in understandable terms. Results of this study indicated that Jordanian families had specific and identifiable needs. Providing families of critically ill patients clear, simple and updated information about the patients, and assuring them about the quality of care the patients receive, should be essential components of the critical care nursing delivery system.

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