Initial evaluation of a new safety needle system at a clinical setting in Taiwan

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Needle-protective devices have been investigated for decades for preventing health-care workers from infecting blood-borne pathogens. This initial evaluation of a new safety needle system in a disposable conventional syringe (new safety syringe) in a clinical setting was to see how nurses view its safety, usability and compatibility. A convenient sample of 205 nurses was involved and completed a user evaluation questionnaire. The results showed 163 nurses (88.1%) would use the safety syringes if the hospital provided safety syringes. Over 50% agreed that the new device was able to maintain the sterile principles and was easy to operate. Less than 25% disagreed that the new device ‘does not spend more work time’ and ‘does not affect the standard procedure while changing needle’. Positive attitude towards the new device associated with higher ‘job position’ and more ‘work experience’. Further evaluation of reducing incidence of needle-stick injuries is required.

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