A comparison of sexual satisfaction and post-natal depression in the UK and Taiwan

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AimTo compare the sexual expression and sexual satisfaction of women in the UK and Taiwan before and after childbirth, to determine if there is an association between self reported sexual satisfaction and postnatal depression (PND) and the main sources of sexual information for women during this period.MethodA comparative survey of postnatal women in the UK and Taiwan using a selfadministered questionnaire, a semi structured interview and the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) to investigate sexual satisfaction, sexual expression and main sources of information as well the prevalence of postnatal depression.ResultsSeventy per cent of the UK women and 89% of the Taiwanese women were generally satisfied with their sex life during the postnatal period although in both countries women thought that sexual expression was not as important to themselves as to their partner. There were differences in ranking criteria for physical and emotional sexual satisfaction in the two countries. Eighty-three per cent of UK women had sufficient information about sex during the postnatal period compared to 60% of Taiwanese women. There was no significant difference in the prevalence of PND (18% UK, 19% Taiwan p < 0.01 ANOVA) but significant negative associations (correlation coefficient) between ‘sexual self-confidence’ and PND in the UK (p < 0.01) and Taiwan (p < 0.05). UK Women with an unsatisfactory sex life (p < 0.05), insufficient sexual information (p < 0.05) and sexual worries after birth (p < 0.05) were more likely to have symptoms of PND. There was a strong association between a poor relationship with her partner and PND (p < 0.001).ConclusionsThese associations may be either a consequence of or a contributing factor to PND. The observed differences between the two countries may be attributed to cross cultural factors and differences in health care systems although further investigation is required.

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