The evaluation of nurses and nursing activities through the perceptions of inpatients

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Aim:To examine the relationship of inpatients' perceptions and satisfaction statements with nurses and the nursing activities presented and to determine nursing activities that were implemented mostly from the view of inpatients.Background:Nursing care is one of the fundamental components of health care, and studies have shown that it has a considerable influence on how patients experience hospitalization. However, nursing care is usually listed as one category in surveys. In fact, nursing care is an integrated combination of specific nursing activities, and to improve nursing practice we need to clarify how each nursing activity affects the perceptions of patients.Methods:This descriptive study uses cross-sectional survey design. The sample consists of 454 inpatients from a large-scale teaching hospital in Ankara, Turkey. A questionnaire survey including demographics and perceptions of the patients, along with a list of the activities that nurses were required to carry out, were administered to the patients.Findings:Age, gender and marital status were the variables influencing patients' perceptions. Technical nursing activities were recognized more by patients than activities related to care. All nursing activities were relevant to patient satisfaction statements. Most of the patients were satisfied with the nursing care despite the task-oriented environment.Conclusions:The results of this study show that nurses tend to do technical activities. All nursing activities were related to patient satisfaction statements. Nurses should be aware of the effect of each activity they are required to carry out on patients and the importance of good communication with patients.

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