Global Mental Health: A Resource Primer for Exploring the Domain

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Global mental health (GMH) is a burgeoning domain of research, advocacy, and practice. Its daunting challenge is reflected in the expectation that one in four humans will experience a serious mental, neurological, or substance abuse condition in their lifetime. The world's poor are especially burdened, having the least access to care and plagued by social stigma and discrimination. In solidarity with the emerging GMH movement, which focuses on improving wellbeing and mental health equity, this article identifies core GMH resources to further orient those with various levels of experience in the mental health, psychology, and health fields. Six “resource areas” are explored with an emphasis on the last two decades: organizations, publications, conferences, training, human rights, and the humanitarian sector. The overall article is presented as a “resource primer” to promote and guide the integration of mental health into our personal and global agendas for human wellbeing. Colleagues are encouraged to use this primer in training settings, build on it with additional materials from international sources, and expand it to include additional resource areas.

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