Plasma protein adsorption patterns on surfaces of Amphotericin B-containing fat emulsions

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Nephrotoxicity of the conventional Amphotericin B formulation Fungizone® is the most common side effect in treatment of systemic fungal infections. Lipid formulations of Amphotericin B including fat emulsions showed a reduced nephrotoxicity. In vivo distribution studies of lipid formulations have shown an accumulation of Amphotericin B in liver and spleen, while concentration in the kidneys is reduced. Blood proteins adsorbed onto particles after intravenous administration are regarded as the key factors determining their in vivo fate. Two-dimensional polyacrylamid gel electrophoresis is a powerful tool for analysis of protein adsorption patterns. This paper deals with the question if there is any correlation between proteins adsorbed on surfaces of AmB fat emulsions produced with a new production technique and the potentially organ distribution of this formulation.

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