Acetaminophen-containing chewable tablets with suppressed bitterness and improved oral feeling

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The aim of this study was to develop acetaminophen chewable tablets with suppressed bitterness and improved oral feeling by examination of hard fats as the matrix base and of sweetening agents as corrigents. Witepsol® H-15, W-35, S-55, E-75 and E-85, and Witocan® H and 42/44 were used as hard fats. Witocan® H and 42/44 were selected in view of improved oral feeling. Witocan® H/Witocan® 42/44 mixture tablets showed different melting characteristics and drug release rates dependent on their ratios, and those with the Witocan® H/Witocan® 42/44 ratio of 92.5% (w/w) and more showed good drug release. Sucrose, xylitol, saccharin, saccharin sodium, aspartame and sucralose were used as sweetening agents, and applied alone or with Benecoat BMI-40 or cocoa powder. The Witocan® H tablet with 1% (w/w) saccharin plus 5% (w/w) Benecoat BMI-40 (Sc1-B5), and the Witocan® H/Witocan® 42/44 (92.5:7.5, w/w) mixture tablet with 1% (w/w) aspartame plus 5% (w/w) Benecoat BMI-40 suppressed bitterness and sweetness excellently, but the former tablet showed better drug release. Thus, the Witocan® H tablet with Sc1-B5 is suggested as the best acetaminophen chewable tablet, exhibiting suppressed bitterness, low sweetness, improved oral feeling and good drug release.

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