Influence of cryogenic grinding on properties of a self-emulsifying formulation

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Recently, self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS) have been developed as a method to deliver lipophilic drugs. Gelucire® 44/14 is an excipient, from the lauroyl macrogolglycerides family, producing a fine oil-in-water emulsion when introduced into an aqueous phase under gentle agitation as SEDDS, improving thereby solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs and their bioavailability. The aims of this study were to process Gelucire® 44/14 into a powder by cryogenic grinding to produce solid oral dosage forms and to investigate influence of this process on different properties of a formulation made of Gelucire® 44/14 and ketoprofen (90/10). Cryogenic grinding produced Gelucire® 44/14 in a powder form and this process did not change its physical properties, emulsification capacities and dissolution performances of the formulation tested. However, interactions took place between ketoprofen and Gelucire® 44/14 with a decrease of the melting peak and a reduction of the droplet size of the formed emulsion. The influence of drug–Gelucire® 44/14 interactions must be investigated case by case in any formulations.

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