Cross-linked high amylose starch derivatives for drug release: III. Diffusion properties

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Acetate (Ac-), aminoethyl (AE-) and carboxymethyl (CM-) derivatives of cross-linked high amylose starch (HASCL-6)1 were previously shown to control the release of drugs over 20 h from highly loaded (up to 60% drug) monolithic tablets. This report presents a diffusion analysis, aimed to facilitate a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in the control of the drug release from these hydrogels. The diffusion was found to depend on the molecular weight of the diffusant, whereas the partition coefficient depended on the affinities of the diffusant for the polymers and for the dissolution media via attractive or repulsive ionic interactions. The diffusion was also affected by the swelling of CM-HASCL-6, which, unexpectedly, increased with the decrease of the ionic strength. This diffusion analysis completes the swelling studies of HASCL-6 and of its derivatives, allowing the prediction of release kinetics of various active agents.

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