Laser diffraction and image analysis as a supportive analytical tool in the pharmaceutical development of immediate release direct compression formulations

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Immediate release direct compression tablet formulations require a strict control of the particle characteristics (i.e. particle size (distribution) and shape) of both the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and the excipients. In this publication, the development of a dry dispersion laser diffraction (LD) method has been outlined. With this method, the chemical development of an API meant for the manufacturing of an immediate release direct compression tablet formulation can be supported. Comparison with static image analysis (SIA) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) data often shows laser diffraction to generate different size data. However, since LD is fast and frequently shows an adequate precision over a wide particle size range, the technique is still considered as a valuable analytical tool in the screening of the particle size distribution of API batches. In the future, automated (static) image analysis and dynamic image analysis are believed to become more and more important, since these techniques will allow the fast analysis of large amounts of particles with a minimum intervention of the operator.

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