New absorption promoter for the buccal delivery: Preparation and characterization of lysalbinic acid

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Drug delivery across the buccal mucosa is convenient and safe transport method. The efficiency of the buccal system of peptide delivery is, however, not yet satisfactory. To improve the buccal transport new absorption promoters should be developed to be sufficiently active and at the same time causing no side effects like irritation or unpleasant taste. We have found that lysalbinic acid, a product of the alkaline hydrolysis of egg albumin and a mild detergent, meets those requirements. The preparation and some physicochemical properties of lysalbinic acid are described. Hamster cheek pouch was used as a model for the penetration process studies lysalbinic acid was shown to increase significantly an oral mucosa permeability for α-interferon and insulin. So this substance of the natural origin can be applied as an absorption enhancer for the buccal delivery of peptide drugs.

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