Double crosslinked interpenetrated network in nanoparticle form for drug targeting—Preparation, characterization and biodistribution studies

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The development of polymer nanosystems able to target and control/sustain the drug delivery is still considered an important desideratum in pharmaceutical research. The present study reports the preparation of nanoparticles based on chitosan and gelatin, using a reverse emulsion-double crosslinking (ionic followed by covalent one) technique. The nanoparticles structural and morphological characteristics (diameter and size distribution), their swelling capacity in aqueous media of different pH (4 and 7.4) and their ability to include and release poorly water-soluble drugs were seen to be influenced by the composition of the polymer mixture and by the surfactants concentration. Also, nanoparticles biodistribution after intraperitoneal or intravenous administration was evaluated by polymer marking with fluorescein. Particles ability to penetrate different organs (liver, heart, lungs, and less brain, gums, testicles) was increased when injected intravenously.

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