Novel lipid based oral formulation of curcumin: Development and optimization by design of experiments approach

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The clinical utility of curcumin (CRM) is limited due to its poor oral bioavailability. Lipid based oral formulations (LBOFs) are emerging as useful oral drug delivery systems for ‘difficult to deliver’ molecules like CRM. In present study, we report novel Type IV LBOF for CRM using Gelucire 44/14, Labrasol, Vit. E TPGS and PEG 400 with superior CRM loading and enhanced oral bioavailability. The optimization of LBOF for CRM loading and post dilution droplet size was carried out by design of experiments (DoE) approach with Box–Behnken design. Oral bioavailability of optimized LBOF (O-LBOF) was evaluated in male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats at a dose of 250 mg/kg. Raw CRM (control) showed Cmax and AUC0–∞ of 32.29 ng/ml and 38.07 ng h/ml, respectively. O-LBOF improved Cmax and AUC0–∞ by 11.6 and 35.8 folds respectively over control.

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