Poly(acrylic acid) microspheres loaded with lidocaine: Preparation and characterization for arterial embolization

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A new embolic agent, poly(acrylic acid) microspheres (PMs), was synthesized and the cytocompatibility was proved by mouse L929 fibroblast cells. An analgesic drug, lidocaine, was loaded on the PMs to relief pain caused by embolization. PMs and lidocaine loaded microspheres (LMs) were characterized by investigating infrared spectrum, morphology, particle size, and equilibrium water contents (EWC). A series of tests were employed to evaluate the elasticity of PMs, LMs and Embosphere™, including once compression, twice compression, and stress relaxation test. The pressures of PMs and LMs passing through a catheter were measured on line by our new designed device. Drug release was studied with T-cell apparatus. The properties of PMs and LMs were proved to be suitable for embolization. Both PMs and LMs in this study might be potential embolic agents in the future.

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