Squalenoyl prodrug of paclitaxel: Synthesis and evaluation of its incorporation in phospholipid bilayers

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1,1′,2-Trisnorsqualenoic acid was conjugated to paclitaxel to obtain the squalenoyl–paclitaxel prodrug with the aim to improve the incorporation in phospholipid bilayers. Differential scanning calorimetry technique was employed to compare the interaction of squalenoyl–paclitaxel prodrug and free paclitaxel with phospholipid bilayers. The possibility of using lipid vesicles as carrier for the prodrug was also evaluated. An increased encapsulation into phospholipid bilayers of squalenoyl–paclitaxel with respect to the free drug was observed. The ability of lipid vesicles to retain the loaded prodrug was also observed which make this system to be considered as carrier for the prodrug.

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