Real-time tablet formation monitoring with ultrasound measurements in eccentric single station tablet press

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A real-time ultrasound measurement system for tablet compression monitoring is introduced. The measurement system was tested in actual manufacturing environment and found to be capable of measuring the ultrasound response of the tabletting process from bulk to tablet. The tablet sets were compressed and the ultrasound measurements were conducted as implemented in eccentric single station tabletting apparatus in through transmission geometry. The speed of sound and ultrasound spectrum was measured during dynamic compression for microcrystalline cellulose/paracetamol tablets. The ultrasound system introduced in this study was found to be suitable for tabletting process monitoring as the mechanical properties of compressed tablets can be estimated during compression using the ultrasound system. In addition, it was found that the ultrasound was sensitive to the mixing time of magnesium stearate and the concentration of paracetamol. Thus, ultrasound measurements made during the compression can be used to monitor the tablet formation process.

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