Thermodynamic study of binary system Propafenone Hydrocloride with Metoprolol Tartrate: Solid–liquid equilibrium and compatibility with α-lactose monohydrate and corn starch

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Graphical abstractDSC curves for PP and MT and their binary mixtures with variable composition.Solid–liquid equilibrium (SLE) for binary mixture of Propafenone Hydrocloride (PP) with Metoprolol Tartrate (MT) was investigated using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and corresponding activity coefficients were calculated. Simple eutectic behavior for this system was observed. The excess thermodynamic functions: GE and SE for the pre-, post-, and eutectic composition have been obtained using the computed activity coefficients data of the eutectic phase with their excess chemical potentials Symbol (i = 1, 2). The experimental solid–liquid phase temperatures were compared with predictions obtained from available eutectic equilibrium models. The results indicate non-ideality in this mixture.Also, the compatibility of each component and their eutectic mixture with usual excipients was investigated, and the DSC experiments indicate possible weak interactions with α-lactose monohydrate and compatibility with corn starch. The results obtained were confirmed by FT-IR measurements.

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