Novel cyclodextrin nanosponges for delivery of calcium in hyperphosphatemia

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Cyclodextrin nanosponges are solid, porous nanoparticulate three dimensional structures, have been used as delivery system of different drugs. In this work, new cyclodextrin-based nanosponges of calcium carbonate were prepared by polymer condensation method to release the calcium in controlled manner in the treatment of hyperphosphatemia as novel carriers.SEM measurements revealed their roughly spherical shape, porous nature and mean particle size of about 400 nm. Zeta potentials of the nanosponges were sufficiently high to obtain stable formulations. The encapsulation efficiencies of calcium in nanosponge formulations were found to be 81–95%. The moisture contents of the nanosponges were in the range of 0.1–0.7%. The optimized formulation produces enteric and controlled release kinetics of calcium in the management and treatment of hyperphosphatemia. It was also observed that calcium ions bound efficiently to free phosphate in a pH-dependent fashion especially at pH 7. In accelerated stability study no significant changes occurred in physical appearance, size and nature of drug in formulation for 3 months. The results of FTIR and DSC confirmed that calcium carbonate was encapsulated in nanosponges structure.Graphical abstract

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