Controlled release of indomethacin from alginate–poloxamer–silicon carbide composites decreasein-vitroinflammation

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Composites of biomorphic silicon carbides (bioSiCs) and hydrogels are proposed in order to obtain materials able to load and release poor soluble drugs with application in bone pathologies therapy. Hydrogels composed by alginate and poloxamer were loaded with indomethacin, incorporated into the ceramics and crosslinked. The indomethacin release profile is dependent on the microstructure of the bioSiC selected. The loaded oak and sapelli bioSiCs composites have adequate release profiles to promote the decreasing of the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines in LPS stimulated macrophages, showing stronger anti-inflammatory effects than pine bioSiC composites. The released indomethacin is able to modulate the degradation of chondrocytes extracellular matrix and promote the formation of new collagen by osteoarthritic chondrocytes.Particles derived from mechanical wear of biomorphic silicon carbides do not show high toxicity, being similar to the zirconia particles.

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