A new biodegradable polythiourethane as controlled release matrix polymer

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The main aim of this paper is the synthesis and characterization of a new linear functional biodegradable polythiourethane-d,l-1,4-dithiothreitol-hexamethylene diisocyanate [PTU(DTT-HMDI)]. The SeDeM diagram has been obtained to investigate its suitability to be processed through a direct compression process. Furthermore, the ability of this polymer to act as controlled release matrix forming excipient has been studied. Four batches of matrices containing 10–40% of polymer and theophylline anhydrous as model drug have been manufactured. Release studies have been carried out using the paddle method and the polymer percolation threshold has been estimated. The principal parameters of the SeDeM Expert system, such as the parametric profile (mean radius) and the good compression index (IGC = 4.59) for the polymer are very close to the values considered as adequate for direct compression even with no addition of flow agents. Furthermore, the results of the drug release studies show a high ability of the polymer to control the drug release. The excipient percolation threshold has been estimated between 20% and 30% w/w of polymer.

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