In vitro dissolution–permeation evaluation of an electrospun cyclodextrin-based formulation of aripiprazole using μFlux™

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Since it is a well-known fact that among the newly discovered active pharmaceutical ingredients the number of poorly water soluble candidates is continually increasing, dissolution enhancement of poorly water soluble drugs has become one of the central challenges of pharmaceutical studies. So far the preclinical studies have been mainly focused on formulation methods to enhance the dissolution of active compounds, in many cases disregarding the fact that the formulation matrix not only affects dissolution but also has an effect on the transport through biological membranes, changing permeation of the drug molecules. The aim of this study was to test an electrospun cyclodextrin-based formulation of aripiprazole with the novel μFlux apparatus, which monitors permeation together with dissolution, and by this means better in vitroin vivo correlation is achieved. It was evinced that a cyclodextrin-based electrospun formulation of aripiprazole has the potential to ensure fast drug delivery through the oral mucosa owing to the ultrafast dissolution of the drug from the formulation and the enhanced flux across membranes as shown by the result of the novel in vitro dissolution and permeation test.

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