Continuous manufacturing of delta mannitol by cospray drying with PVP

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Mannitol is a frequently used diluent in the production of tablets due to its non-hygroscopic character and low drug interaction potential. Although the δ-polymorph of mannitol has superior tabletability in comparison to α- and β-mannitol, the latter are most commonly used because large-scale production of δ-mannitol is difficult. Therefore, a continuous method for production of δ-mannitol was developed in the current study. Spray drying an aqueous solution of mannitol and PVP in a ratio of 4:1 resulted in formation of δ-mannitol. The tabletability of a physical mixture of spray dried δ-mannitol with PVP (5%) and paracetamol (75%) was clearly superior to the tabletability of physical mixtures consisting of spray dried α- and β-mannitol with PVP (5%) and paracetamol (75%) which confirmed the excellent tableting properties of the δ-polymorph. In addition, a coprocessing method was applied to coat paracetamol crystals with δ-mannitol and PVP. The tabletability of the resulting coprocessed particles consisting of 5% PVP, 20% δ-mannitol and 75% paracetamol reached a maximal tensile strength of 2.1 MPa at a main compression pressure of 260 MPa. Moreover the friability of tablets compressed at 184 MPa was only 0.5%. This was attributed to the excellent compression properties of δ-mannitol and the coating of paracetamol crystals with δ-mannitol and PVP during coprocessing.Graphical abstract

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