Chemical characterization ofCitrus limonvar.pompiaand incorporation in phospholipid vesicles for skin delivery

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Graphical abstractThe components of pompia, a hybrid Citrus species cultivated only in Sardinia (Italy), were extracted using an environmentally-friendly method and food-grade solvents. Taking into account that only few data are available on pompia composition, the phytochemical fingerprint of its rind extract was obtained by accurate component separation and identification, combining HPLC and mass spectrometry. Different flavones such as naringin (23.77 μg/mg), neoeriocitrin (46.53 μg/mg) and neohesperidin (44.57 μg/mg) were identified. Additionally, the antioxidant activity and phenolic content were confirmed by DPPH and Folin-Ciocalteu assays. The whole extract was incorporated in innovative phospholipid vesicles, namely glycerosomes, hyalurosomes and glycerol containing hyalurosomes, which were prepared using a high ratio of extract/phospholipid (1/3.5 w/w). The in vitro biocompatibility of the nanoincorporated extract and its ability to potentiate the aptitude of the extract to counteract oxidative stress in skin cells were evaluated. The vesicles, especially glycerol containing hyalurosomes, were able to prevent oxidative damage and death of both keratinocytes and fibroblasts, promoting their viability.

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