A dual pH/Redox responsive copper-ligand nanoliposome bioactive complex for the treatment of chronic inflammation

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Graphical abstractA novel dual pH/redox-responsive polymeric nanoliposome system (NLs) loaded with a copper-liganded bioactive complex was prepared and designed as a controlled delivery system for the management of inflammation. The NLs were synthesised after preparation of the copper-glyglycine-prednisolone succinate] ([(Cu(glygly)(PS)]) complex, and the dual pH/redox responsive biopolymer respectively. The methodology undertaken for the development of the drug delivery system involved coordination of the bioactive to Copper (II), preparation of dual pH/redox responsive biopolymer, and the synthesis of dual pH/redox nanoliposomes. Characterisations of the prepared copper-liganded bioactive [Copper-glyglycine-prednisolone succinate] ([(Cu(glygly)(PS)]) complex, dual pH/redox responsive biopolymer (Eudragit E100-cystamine) and [(Cu(glygly)(PS)]-loaded NLs were carried out using spectroscopic and physicochemical techniques. Results indicated a high inflammatory/oxidant inhibitory activity of [Cu(glygly)(PS)] in comparison to the free PS drug. The [Cu(glygly)(PS)] complex exhibited a significant free radical-scavenging activity (60.1 ± 1.2%) and lipoxygenase (LOX-5) inhibitory activity (36.6 ± 1.3%) in comparison to PS which resulted in activity of 4.4 ± 1.4% and inhibition of 6.1 ± 2.6% respectively. The [Cu(glygly)(PS)] loaded NLs demonstrated low release profiles of 22.9 ± 5.4% in 6 h at pH 7.4, in comparison to a significant accelerated release at pH 5 in a reducing environment of 75.9 ± 3.7% over 6 h duration. Results suggest that the novel copper-liganded bioactive delivery system with controlled drug release mechanism could serve as a potential drug delivery system candidate in the management of inflammation.

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