Noninvasive porosity measurement of biconvex tablets using terahertz pulses

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Graphical abstractBiconvex pharmaceutical microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) compacts were investigated by the detection of terahertz (THz) pulse delay in the transmission measurement mode. The dimensions of the tablets were kept as constants but the porosity was a priori known variable. It is shown that the porosity of the biconvex compact has a linear correlation with the THz pulse delay. By constructing a calibration line between these two parameters (i.e. porosity and THz pulse delay), it is possible to non-invasively detect porosity of biconvex tablets. We suggest that this preliminary study could be the starting point of in-depth future studies on the screening of porosity and related properties of real biconvex pharmaceutical tablets using terahertz sensing techniques.

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