Targeted si-RNA with liposomes and exosomes (extracellular vesicles): How to unlock the potential

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The concept of RNA interference therapeutics has been initiated 18 years ago, and the main bottleneck for translation of the technology into therapeutic products remains the delivery of functional RNA molecules into the cell cytoplasm. In the present review article after an introduction about the theoretical basis of RNAi therapy and the main challenges encountered for its realization, an overview of the different types of delivery systems or carriers, used as potential systems to overcome RNAi delivery issues, will be provided. Characteristic examples or results obtained with the most promising systems will be discussed. Focus will be given mostly on the applications of liposomes or other types of lipid carriers, such as exosomes, towards improved delivery of RNAi to therapeutic targets. Finally the approach of integrating the advantages of these two vesicular systems, liposomes and exosomes, as a potential solution to realize RNAi therapy, will be proposed.Graphical abstract

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