Audit of official STD returns from genitourinary medicine

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Summary:We audited the accuracy of KC60 coding in our department over a two-week period in 1999. Case notes of 400 consecutive new and rebook patients who attended during each of the audit periods were reviewed, and their clinical diagnosis was compared with KC60 returns entered into the computer and sent to the Department of Health. We concentrated on four KC60 diagnoses of positive sexually transmitted infections: uncomplicated gonorrhoea (B1) and chlamydia (c4a), first episodes of anogenital warts (C11a) and herpes (C10a). At the end of the audit, specific recommendations were introduced, aiming at improving accuracy of KC60 coding, and a re-audit was carried out in 2000, using identical methodology.In the first audit period there were 106 positive diagnoses, of which 41 (38.7%) were not recorded in the KC60 returns. In the second audit period there were 149 positive diagnoses, of which 20 (13%) were not recorded, showing a significant improvement (Chi square P=0.0005).

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