A survey of non-consultant career grade doctors in genitourinary medicine: their knowledge of guidelines and their access to information technology 2001

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Summary:Non-consultant career grade (NCCG) doctors in genitourinary medicine (GUM) perform a large proportion of the clinical work. To ensure quality of service delivery to patients, it is essential that these doctors keep up to date. Seven hundred questionnaires were sent to NCCGs in the UK to evaluate their knowledge of national guidelines and access to information technology. A summary of the 224 replies (31% response) is presented. Knowledge of guidelines (76%-86%) and access to the Internet at work (39%-44%) varied according to the number of sessions worked in GUM per week and by grade of doctor. Knowledge of relevant websites was poor, ranging from 40%-54% for the Medical Society for the Study of Venereal Diseases (MSSVD) website and 21%-39% for the Association of Genitourinary Medicine (AGUM) website. This survey highlights areas for concern, especially with regard to NCCGs who work three or less GUM sessions per week.

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