Gay men who attend sex resorts: a typology associated with high-risk sexual behaviour

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Our objective was to determine a sociodemographic profile (typology) of men for whom a relatively greater number of sex partners was associated with engaging in unprotected anal sex. A cross-sectional survey of 150 men who have sex with men (MSM) attending a large sex resort was conducted. The sex resort was located in the Southeastern United States. Men from 14 states attended the resort and completed an anonymous, self-administered, questionnaire. The typology that emerged showed that the co-occurring risk behaviours (greater number of partners and having unprotected sex) were reported by older men (P=0.002), men with incomes of at least US$50,000 (P=0.018), men growing up in rural areas (P=0.005), men who were not knowingly HIV positive (P=0.004), and men who had received the full series of vaccinations against hepatitis B (P=0.029). This typology may be useful for more efficient targeting of prevention and counselling programmes designed to reduce sexually transmitted infection incidence among this high-risk (and understudied) population of MSM.

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