Introduction of a proforma in the management of under age attendees at a genitourinary clinic

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The aim of this review was evaluation of a recently developed proforma for improving assessment and management of patients under the age of 16 in the genitourinary (GU) medicine clinic. A case-note review of all under-16s attending between June 2000 and March 2001 was undertaken (109 patients). Comparison with review from 1998 prior to proforma introduction was carried out. In all, 99 proformas were completed. Fewer young patients were seen solely by junior doctors since proforma introduction (27–45%) (P=0.012), more were referred to health advisors (79% versus 66%) (P=0.056), but follow-up remains suboptimal (72% versus 78%). Possibility of abuse was assessed in 102 patients (17 cases of non-consensual sex versus six in 1998). In all, 54% were using no contraception and only 21% were consistently using barrier methods; 41% had sexually transmitted infections diagnosed. The proforma is useful for collecting data and directing management when completed fully, and has revealed greater numbers of children involved in risky behaviour and abuse.

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