Characteristics of younger and older men with urethral chlamydial infection

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This study examined some characteristics of male clinic attenders with urethral chlamydial infection. The prevalence of urethral chlamydial infection among heterosexual men (men who have sex with women [MSW]) was 446 (17%) of 2684 men.Men aged 16–34 years were more likely to have chlamydiae than older men with only casual partners (χ2=16.08; P=0.001). Infected younger men with casual partners had more partners than uninfected men (median 2.0 [interquartile range [IQR] 1.0] versus 1.0 [IQR 1.0]) (P<0.05). However, this was not true of older men (median number of partners 1.0 [IQR 1.0] versus 1.0 [IQR 1.0]) (P>0.05).Consistent condom use by younger but not by older men was associated with a lower prevalence of chlamydial infection compared with those whose use of condoms was inconsistent (χ2=19.75; P<0.001).Our results suggest that chlamydia testing should be offered to any MSW, irrespective of his age, who has had a new partner.

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