Tactile Corpuscle-Like Bodies (Wagner-Meissner Corpuscles) of the Colorectum: A Series of 5 Cases

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An increase in screening colonoscopies has led to the recent identification and description of several benign mesenchymal proliferations within the colon that may be sampled incidentally or as mucosal polyps. Tactile corpuscle-like bodies (TCLBs) (also known as Wagner-Meissner corpuscles) are Schwannian-derived specialized mechanosensors found in glabrous skin and some mucosal sites. TCLBs are not a normal component of gastrointestinal mucosa but they have been reported in the esophagus, stomach, gastroesophageal junction, and colorectum. Twenty-two cases of tactile corpuscle-like bodies (TCLBs) have been reported to date in the English literature. We herein present five additional cases of TCLBs, all within the colorectum. It is important to distinguish TCLBs from histologic mimics that are associated with inherited syndromes. TCLBs are typically incidental, and are entirely benign.

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