Point prevalence of pressure ulcers in three second-level hospitals in Mexico

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Pressure ulcers (PU) are the source of multiple complications and even death. To our knowledge, there is no available data about PU prevalence in Mexico. The objective of this study was to determine the point prevalence of PU in three second-level hospitals in Mexico. Every adult hospitalised patient was included in each hospital. Age, gender, hospitalisation ward, Braden score, and the number, location and stage of the ulcers encountered were recorded, as well as any pressure relief measures. In total, 294 patients were examined (127 were male); of these, 63 were considered to be at risk. The average age was 48·6 years. The overall prevalence of the PU was 17%. The service with the highest prevalence was the ICU. The most frequent stage was II (32%) and they were most commonly found in the sacrum (74%). The average Braden score of the patients with ulcers was 10, and 21·4% of the patients obtained moderate- to high-risk Braden scores. Of them, 60·3% had ulcers and only 46% had any preventive measures. The prevalence of PU in three hospitals in Mexico is 17%. The most common stage is II and the most commonly affected site is the sacrum. Only 46% of patients with PU had at least one pressure release measure.

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