Use of dehydrated human amniotic membrane allografts to promote healing in patients with refractory non healing wounds

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Non healing wounds present a significant social and economic burden. Chronic non healing wounds are estimated to affect as many as 1–2% of individuals during their lifetime, and account for billions of dollars of expense annually on both a national and global basis. Our purpose is to describe the use of a novel dehydrated amniotic membrane allograft (EpiFix®; MiMedx Group, Inc., Kennesaw, GA) for the treatment of chronic non healing wounds. We describe the results of EpiFix treatment in four patients who had not achieved wound closure with both conservative and advanced measures, and had been referred for a definitive plastic surgery procedure. Healing was observed in a variety of wounds with one to three applications of the dehydrated amniotic membrane material. The material was well tolerated by patients. Healed wounds did not recur in long-term follow-up. Further investigation of the use of dehydrated amniotic membrane in broader application to various types of dermal wounds should be considered.

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