AM3 inhibits HBV replication through activation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells

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In this report, we have analyzed the effect of AM3, a glycoconjugate of natural origin with immunomodulatory properties, which is available under the commercial name of Inmunoferon®, on hepatitis B virus (HBV) replication in HBV-transfected cells. We found that AM3 inhibited HBV RNA expression as well as DNA synthesis and viral antigen expression by an indirect mechanism. We found that AM3 lacked intrinsic antiviral properties, and that the antiviral effect of the glycoconjugate was due to stimulation of secretion of molecules with antiviral properties by peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Our data indicate that the employment of AM3 as an adjuvant administered simultaneously with conventional antiviral drugs may potentiate the endogenous response against viral infection.

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