Adjuvant effect of docetaxel on HPV16 L2E6E7 fusion protein vaccine in a mouse model

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We previously demonstrated that the antineoplastic agent docetaxel enhanced the immune response to an influenza vaccine. This study evaluated the adjuvant effect of docetaxel (DOC) on the therapeutic efficacy of HPV16 L2E6E7 fusion protein (HPV-LFP) in mice inoculated with TC-1 cells. The results demonstrated that docetaxel significantly enhanced the therapeutic effect of HPV-LFP on TC-1 cell-induced tumors in mice. The injection of HPV-LFP in combination with docetaxel in TC-1 tumor-bearing mice significantly reduced tumor volume and weight, and a greater percent survival was detected than mice treated with HPV-LFP alone. The inhibition of tumors was associated with significantly increased serum antigen-specific IgG and isotypes, activated CTLs, increased IFN-γ-secreting T cells, and decreased Treg cells and IL-10-secreting cells in spleen. In addition, down-regulation of IL-10, VEGF and STAT3, up-regulation of IFN-γ and decreased Treg cells in the tumor microenvironment may also important contributing factors to the antitumor effect. It may be valuable to use a DOC-containing water to dilute HPV-LFP powder before injection in patients because of its excellent adjuvant effect on HPV-LFP and solubility in water.

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