5-Fluorouracil : forty-plus and still ticking. A review of its preclinical and clinical development
Conceptual changes in cancer chemotherapy : from an oral fluoropyrimidine prodrug, UFT, to a novel oral fluoropyrimidine prodrug, S-1, and low-dose fp therapy in Japan
The tegafur-based dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase inhibitory fluoropyrimidines, UFT/leucovorin (ORZEL™) and S-1 : a review of their clinical development and therapeutic potential
Capecitabine : preclinical pharmacology studies
Preclinical development of eniluracil : Enhancing the therapeutic index and dosing convenience of 5-fluorouracil
Pharmacology of fluorinated pyrimidines : Eniluracil
Clinical development of eniluracil/fluorouracil : an oral treatment for patients with solid tumors
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