In vitro characterization of the human biotransformation and CYP reaction phenotype of ET-743 (Yondelis©, Trabectidin©), a novel marine anti-cancer drug
The combination of sulfinosine and 8-Cl-cAMP induces synergistic cell growth inhibition of the human neuroblastoma cell line in vitro
Effects of the tumor vasculature targeting agent NGR-TNF on the tumor microenvironment in murine lymphomas
From methotrexate to pemetrexed and beyond. A review of the pharmacodynamic and clinical properties of antifolates
Phase I clinical trial of weekly docetaxel and exisulind, a novel inducer of apoptosis
Phase II trial of imatinib (Gleevec©) in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma
A phase II open-label trial of apomine (SR-45023A) in patients with refractory melanoma