The Effect of Metoclopramide on the Contraction of the Human Gallbladder

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In a double blind study 45 patients were given either an i.v. injection of 20 mg Primperan® (20 mg metoclopramide, Lundbeck, n=15), 20 mg Metopram ® (20 mg metoclopramide, Leiras, n=15) or a corresponding amount of physiological saline (n=15) and the effect of metoclopramide on the human gallbladder was studied in x-ray examination of gallbladder. The gallstones do not appear to be a contraindication for the clinical use of metoclopramide as an antiemetic drug. No contraction of the gallbladder was demonstrated, even though metoclopramide has been shown to contact intestinal smooth muscle. Primperan® caused more side effects than Metopram®. Sedation seems to be the most common side effect of metoclopramide.

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