Vascular Alterations in Canine Histiocytic Ulcerative Colitis

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The large intestines of eight boxer dogs with canine histiocytic ulcerative colitis (CHUC) and 10 normal dogs were studied by in vivo angiography and postmortem microangiography. The vascular abnormalities were correlated with the gross and histologic pathology found at necropsy. The angiographic abnormalities were variable, non-specific and were gross indicators of disease. Intestinal segments with mild, focal inflammatory lesions appeared normal, while diseased segments with more extensive inflammatory change exhibited variable vascular dilatation and hypervascularity. Microangiograms of bowel specimens with an early mucosal lesion were normal. With increased disease severity, there was microvascular dilatation with attenuation of mucosal arterioles. Areas with focal or confluent ulcerations demonstrated complete disruption of the mucosal microvascular bed and replacement with the chaotic tangle of ectatic vessels, characteristic of granulation tissue. Anatomic arteriovenous shunts were not observed.

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