Computer Analysis of Factors Associated with Thrombus Formation Observed on Pullout Angiograms: Preliminary Communication

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A prospective study was instituted to determine both the incidence of postcatheterization arterial thrombus formation and the possibility of a statistically significant correlation between predetermined parameters and the incidence of arterial thrombosis. Pullout angiograms and 12 recorded variables from 176 procedures were studied. Postcatheterization arterial thrombus formation was demonstrated in 9 cases (5%). Statistical analysis by computer showed a statistically significant relationship between 4 factors and postcatheterization thrombosis, viz. catheter/artery ratio, age, catheter diameter, and number of puncture attempts. Total elapsed time of the procedure was not found to be a statistically significant variable. These variables are integrated into a postulate to explain the pathogenesis of postcatheterization thrombus formation seen on pullout angiograms.

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