Arthrography with Amipaque (Metrizamide) and Other Contrast Media: A Roentgenographic and Histologic Evaluation in Rabbits

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Arthrography of the knee joint was performed in 30 rabbits for comparison of Amipaque (metrizamide) with Urografin 60% (meglumine-sodium diatrizoate), Isopaque Amin (meglumine-calcium metrizoate), Conray Meglumin 282 (meglumine iothalamate) and Dimer-X (meglumine iocarmate). Films taken at regular intervals show longer contrast duration, and less hydrarthrosis after injection of Amipaque. Minimal focal inflammatory reaction in the synovial membrane is found in many cases when the animals are sacrificed 1 day or 7 days after the injections. No significant difference can be found between the contrast media, and similar changes are also seen after injection of physiologic saline.

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