Contrast Media Induced Pulmonary Edema: Comparison of Ionic and Nonionic Agents in an Animal Model

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High intravenous doses of diatrizoate are known to induce pulmonary edema in the rat. The newer generation of contrast media— nonionics and monovalent dimers—are considered less toxic than diatrizoate. In this study we evaluated the degree of pulmonary edema induced by a high dose (6 g I/kg) of these new agents and found that Ioxaglate produced higher lung weights than Renografin ®60 and Iopamidol. Iohexol and Amipaque®did not induce a significant degree of edema. The model used in this study demonstrates distinct differences in pulmonary toxicity among these new agents, when given in doses exceedingly higher than given in clinical practice.

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