Alumni Perceptions of Adequacy of Training in Diagnostic Radiology

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Rubin SA, Meier RS, Schreiber MH. Alumni perceptions of adequacy of training in diagnostic radiology.Former residents who completed an accredited university radiology residency between 1953 and 1983 were surveyed using a written questionnaire. Seventy-five percent responded with opinions concerning their satisfaction with the various aspects of their training, including whether the program had met the specific needs of their practice. Most were satisfied with their training. Many believed the program should offer formal training in nonclinical areas such as quality control, equipment selection, administration, economics, and contract negotiations. Nearly all (96%) believed they had been adequately prepared for the Board examination. The majority (75%) believed a postgraduate clinical year was important prior to entering a radiology residency. We believe the written survey is a useful means for gathering data regarding adequacy of residency training. With the current interest in residency program curricula, such data may be useful in the dynamic process of structuring residency programs.

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